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Capturing your online traffic is the same as having good window dressing. You want to entice people to stop and explore what you're presenting, and not bounce. That's exactly what our development approach will provide, we will use proven and novel design approaches to help tell users a story.

We will coordinate with you to make sure that the development solution we come to makes sense to your business. We aim to make sure you feel empowered by your decisions, and help drive the decisions surrounding your web presence.


Web Design

Drive your website layout, content, and overall strategy with visitor feedback, click tracking, and more.

Web Development

We provide not only the design but the development work behind the design. We provide concrete timelines and cost-effective solutions to your business's needs.

SEO/Analytics Support

The content and structure of your site define the ranking that search engines give you. This is low-cost/high-impact, and you cannot get it wrong.

Custom Development

We provide bespoke solutions to common and novel problems by utilizing all cost-effective resources at our disposal.

Are Visitors Bouncing?

The web is not a storefront, and you can't easily see who is stopping in or who is just passing by.

of visitors won’t return to a site after an averse experience
visitors will leave if images take long to load
of people will bounce if the layout is unbalanced

Resources about website design and development


Why do analytics matter?

Analytics derived from visitor interaction will power your business while ensuring that you're making the best decisions possible.

How can you improve your site?

A website isn't a static intangible business asset. A website is like a storefront; you have to refresh, clean, update, and upkeep.

How Search ranks my site?

Understanding how search engines evaluate your website is crucial to keeping your search position high. You must maintain and update your website.

On a mission to empower small businesses

Eduard has always wanted to run his own business and help the community by providing technical solutions to existing and novel problems. As a Software Engineer, he has worked in the E-Commerce space and is now at a location provider. Now, he's looking to expand to a private web agency to help mom & pop shops succeed in the ever-changing digital environment.

DevDesigned was born after living through covid, where we saw businesses that couldn't migrate their operations online collapse. Covid let the digital genie out of the bottle, and current trends will not reverse. The web will only expand into the future, and if you don't have web operations, your business will be left behind.

The future of the web is providing experiences. A user's experience with your site will leave a lasting brand impression, and this could be helping or hurting your business. Depending on the type of business you're running, that web experience is a sales, information, or lead generation tool.

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